Interreg V-B Balkan Mediterranean 2014-2020



Technological Educational Institute - Educational and Research Committee (TEIC-ERC), is a Partner for the Interreg V-B Balkan Mediterranean 2014-2020 project, “Utilising Pay As You Throw Systems and Autonomous Composting Units for Biowastes Management in Touristic Areas”, Acronym “BIOWASTE”. The total budget of the project is 1.338.255,00 € and is co-funded by the European Union (85%) and National Funds of the participating countries (15%). TEIC-ERC participates with a total budget of 147.994,00€.


Technological Educational Institute - Educational and Research Committee (TEIC-ERC) is Partner 4 of the Partners scheme:

  • Municipality of Probistip
  • Municipality of Yermasoyia
  • University "Goce Delcev"

BIOWASTE project is a solid wastes source separation scheme, aiming mostly in the hospitality industry, as well as, small and decentralized communities, which organic wastes are in its core, with their onsite treatment to play an important and key role.

BIOWASTE is a project that promotes the transfer and application test of innovative technologies (PAYT and ACUs), aiming to enhance managing efficiency in solid wastes related issues, such as source separation schemes and treating systems emphasizing in organic wastes.


The main objectives of the BIOWASTE are:


a) Implementation of a detailed data recording and analysis of the involved areas (in Greece, F.Y.R.O.M. and Cyprus)

b) Design and implementation of a PAYT system for each area, including the necessary upgrade of the operational ability of the waste management authorities.

c) Definition of the volumes and characteristics of the ACUs, which each authority will introduce followed by the acquisition and installation of these ACUs.

d) Operation of all the above mentions in a full scale mode, allowing the collection of a range of information, regarding efficiency, cost, carbon dioxide emission etc. In this way a complete environmental and economic evaluation of both PAYT, ACUs and their combination will be possible.

e) Development of a complete management system for the involved areas / municipalities, based in the findings and the acquired through the BIOWASTE project infrastructure.


Website project: http://www.biowaste-balkanmed.eu